Michael Gentile

After 12 years in the logistics industry Michael co-founded Team Eagle Logistics, Inc. in June of 2014 from what is now his son’s bedroom.  With nothing more than sheer will, determination and the best teammates on his side, Michael’s mission has been to prove that shippers, manufacturers and trucking companies deserve much better service than what other competitors in the industry have to offer.  The foundation of Team Eagle stems from Michael’s passion in assisting shippers and manufacturers in receiving the highest level of customer service, referred to as the company’s “boutique methodology,” and is taught to every employee from day one of employment. Michael’s past experience from growing up in a family owned business, entry level sales, Director of Sales and now President and CEO have allowed him to gain the experience that is needed to help coach and train his employees to be the best that they can be while supporting the Team Eagle Logistics brand. 


Michael firmly believes that in order to grow as an organization they need to improve in all facets of their offering(s).  Therefore, we challenge ourselves to grow on a daily basis in order to enhance our company.