Why Us

Our Word, Our Promise

Why Choose Us

Our mission as a company is to build and maintain lasting, intimate business relationships through industry leading levels of service and communication.

    Boutique Methodology

    We provide a highly personalized level of customer service targeted towards you, the customer. We will always identify and understand your needs and provide solutions.

    Your Business is Our Lifeline

    Our job is to ensure that you are getting everything you need from the management of your account and to help our employees succeed in providing our services.

    Customer Satisfaction

    In a fast paced Industry, Team Eagle Logistics knows the importance of each step. Our pride in service and communication throughout the cycle of each shipment proves that we provide nothing less than the best. From our first conversation to when your load delivers, our updates every step of the way is a product of our passion for your business. You don’t have to call us, we’ll call you.

    Geographic Coverage

    Team Eagle Logistics provides transportation arrangement services throughout the lower 48 states. As we are strategically positioned in Scottsdale, AZ and have the Western 11 states in our backyard, we are known most by our customers as, “The Best in The West” by default of the services we provide. Should you have a shipment within the Western 11 or in any of our other great states of America, Team Eagle Logistics will provide the highest level of transportation arrangement services in the industry and ensure you are covered.

    One Point of Contact

    Don’t have time to contact several offices? We provide a single point of contact who will work directly with you no matter where your shipment originates or finalizes.

    Contingent Cargo & Liability Peace of Mind

    Team Eagle Logistics covers the uncertain when it comes to insurance. Our contingent insurance coverage policies ensure both financial coverage and peace of mind when utilizing our transportation services.

    Communication & Consistency

    Communication is not a term Team Eagle Logistics takes lightly. We know that consistent communication is the lifeline of any reliable and successful transportation provider. From our daily ETA’s to our after hours accessibility, no detail is left behind.


    Team Eagle Logistics understands that technology plays an extremely important role in the transportation industry and we are in constant pursuit of improvement that will help us provide better service to our customers and carriers. Technology is not our crutch, however it aids us in providing industry leading service levels.


    If we say we can do it, we will follow through and deliver results!